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emybby96 ist offline.
Wichtiger Beitrag

Hello Emily,

Thank you very much for introducing yourself and inviting me to be a friend. I happily accept.

I also agree with a lot of other people here; you have a bundle of talent, so keep writing!

all my best,

Wichtiger Beitrag

I read the rain before the sunshine. I gave you a star. Not so much for the story, although it was not bad. I gave you a star, because for 13, you really do have some talent. On page 6: change the word ignore to ignored. On page 7: change the tense to was off instead of were off. On Page 7: omit (delete) the word "to" down the hall. On page 8: phoniest, not fakest. On page 8: sneaked, not snuck. On page 9: "she" not I was always there. God bless.

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