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I send you many greetings from Rostock in Germany and would invite you to read my book.
His name is "Captain Kittys Abenteuer - Kittys Weg zum Captain" = "Captain Kitty's Adventure - Kitty's Way To Captain".

Kitty cat would necessarily Captain Kitty adventures on the sea and begins its life at sea at the Blackcat. This is the proud pirate ship of Captain Black Moore, Kitty enlists as a ship's boy. As Kitty manages... mehr anzeigen

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hey. i know ur friends with cassidy.shay and i'd love ur input on my poems or the start to my book. pleeeeeez and thx.

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Noticed that you comented a lil while ago and wanted to tell you "A vampire's begining is going to keep get more written! however sense that was basically a draft its getting changed up and going to start differant i hope to post the first chapter by the end of the day. some things you'll notice might not have been on the draft but she was still "insane" so to speak at one point.

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Thanks for your comment about my book. I should be updating soon, the work of a mom is never finished :D

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