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Wichtiger Beitrag

WtF!? Em I am SOSOSOoS worried for you.... you should be a guidance counselor, you know, guide the mentally unstable right into the loony bin. Eheheheheh, we can guide ourselves together.
PS I am excited for Adventureland tomorrow!XD!XD PPS FOr all you craqzies out there, she doesn't actually live under your bed in unicorn land... just warning you

Wichtiger Beitrag

yes i kno u prolly think im weird for what i said on my other message, but iz true. Deep down all u have to do is have courage and you'll get alot farther in life than u would if u just sat back and watched others make their goals. So stand up and believe what u want don't let anyone stop u. i once heard from an unknown source that if try so hard for ur goals and u have people everywhere saying u won't make it, all u gotta do... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

I believe in fairytales. If u believe in something go for it. Don't just sit back and watch it fade out of sight, but then again say the girl who's too shy to stand up for herself and who's so desperate to find that special happiness she fell flat, hard on her face just laying there at dumbstruck bottom. Who cares right? Don't believe that stupid girl. Well I'll tell you something. Deep down where no one knows who this girl... mehr anzeigen

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