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Sandra Todorovic

A true story about life, love, family and loss. My mother died when I was 14. This is my story.

Sandra Todorovic

Saying Goodbye A story about the worst hardships of life Life is like a storm at sea – powerful and unexpected as it hits you with the full force of a tidal wave. You swim for your life and take a deep breat...
Wichtiger Beitrag

The Guy That Made Me Smile is a short storyy but lots of people said that I should add more to it. If you think so, comment back!! I need to know if I should or not. Can't really make up my mind :(

Wichtiger Beitrag
Gelöschter User

thanks for giving your precious time to my poems i am glad you liked them
and it will be honor to be your friend
i wish you a great time,

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