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Summer Love
Myra Hope Summer Love

Opal Finds True Love

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Opal a well rounded, 17 year old girl falls in love with a guy she met when she was 13 but soon finds out that all was not as it was in her memories.

Stichwörter: summer, love, teen, romance, forbidin.


Crimson Tear
Kimberlyn Boster Crimson Tear
  • Belletristik
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if i told you it will ruin it.


Alicyn Night Obsessed

First book to the Obsession trilogy

  • Thriller
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***Notice: This book is currently being rewritten and is up on Wattpad if you would like a better and updated version of this story. I am still under AlicynNight. And please guys no spoliers in the comments. Thank you! A.Night***

When a girl shows him the only love he's had... mehr lesen


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