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Please tell my why I am unable to open your book of Sklar, I'm over the age of 30.

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Mein Name ist adija, und ich wirklich wissen, dass Sie werden sehr überrascht mit meiner Massage,

Aber bitte schreiben Sie mir auf meine E-Mail, weil ich wirklich brauchen, wissen Sie mehr, und ich brauche Eure Hilfe,
Ich werde Sie über mich und die Hilfe zu sagen, sobald ich Ihre E-Mail erhalten,

Hallo bitte senden Sie mir Ihre E-Mail oder schreiben Sie mir jetzt,

My name is adija,and i... mehr anzeigen

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hii mr wood i just want to say wow, ur book the story of skyla is amazing you need too put it up in wattpad (its another reading site) i thing it would be amazing.

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Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it.

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Hello David, Many many thanks to you for appreciation. I am new-comer in this site. You have already written seven books. I hope you will write more books for giving pleasure to all. Bye Bye.

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Hello everyone in the Bookrix community. I have added a little more to my children's book. And I am currently working on another book. I want to add more to it, before I get it put up. I am also thinking about writing another book, in the near future. Thank you to all those who have already read my books and continue to keep reading. I truly appreciate it.

*S* Cynthia

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hello david...
i loved your book so you welcome.
i cant wait to read more, please make sure its soon tho. cant stand leaving books unfinished. :)

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Hey there stranger. How have ya been? I've been quite busy with work as of late. Haven't had time to get on here. However, I have been inspired to write again. I've read one book in 2 days, because I couldn't put it down. James Patterson. Can you believe it. I'm inspired to write again, because of James Patterson. Who would have thunk it? I don't know whether to post what I have penned so far, or just wait until I write more. Hmmm. LOL

*S* Cynthia

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hi david,

thanks for visiting my profile.

i just opened my bookrix today so , it's time for me to reply to
your post.

nice to meet you . . that would be all that i can say for the moment.

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