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Tala Nightwolf

OMG I love u books they always suprise me in the end some of them i wish didn't end that way!!! I love them!!

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Fanletter Notice-
Hello everyone! I love the feedback you guys are giving me, but let me clear up some things, First, no none of the chracters are related exsecpt Evelyn and Eowyn, second no you silly people this is not the end! I'll give you all a spoiler alert, everybook of the Obsession Trilogy has thirteen chapters, just as there is going to be three books.
Anyway I hope that clears up a couple of things for all of you.
thank you!

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I am sure u don't know me, but I am Lauren Gallagher, a creator of Princess Romance, Vocaloid Adventure and all of that. But if you want to get to know me, visit my profile and please read my books. And please leave a comment.


-Lauren, Creator of Princess Romance

PS: Let me guess, you will think my books suck. I am sure. I will now officaly read ur books and help you get more hearts. (Except the one only for friends,... mehr anzeigen

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I'm writing a new book! *GASP* anyway, I've decided not to post it until I'm actually finished with it. *DOUBLE GASP*!! But I can promise you all that you can definitely look forward to it. It's gonna be AWESOME! I mean, even my sister likes it, and she HATES reading. :D It's going to be called "The Five Powers". I'll let you guys know when it's finished. :DDDDD

~Bianca Gray
Remember to look forward to it.... mehr anzeigen

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yes they have another episode!!! haha i was soooo freakin happy when i found out cuz its an awesome show!!! XDDDD and the manga is pretty good too cuz somethings happen in there that the show doesnt have ;) its awesome!!!!

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