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i would like to read your book titled missing you....i think its a good story,but maybe im a little flate because it is already not available...hope that i can be able to read it...thanks

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Please!Please1 Update Love At First Sex!...Such a HOTT book..

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Can you please update To Love A Player, it is sooo good and I would love to read more!!!

Wichtiger Beitrag

hi there i got a new book just trying something out. would luv if u took a look
thanks anyways.

beautiful nightmare well then guess i should introduce myself. as you haven't noticed i'm sascia and very well a teenager. anyways my life has flip upside down thanks to those beautiful nightmares that torment me ever...
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Gelöschter User

update love at first sex i love it

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Gelöschter User

For your comment on my book...
Sorry for the whole 'being completely blank' thing. I took out the words to edit over a certain time. But I think I'm going to put the text back in by tomorrow night. Thank you though.

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