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Unbroken(A One Direction Fanfic) has been updated.I new it took forever but anyways.I'll be updating more frequently!

Crystal <3

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Sandra Todorovic

A true story about life, love, family and loss. My mother died when I was 14. This is my story.

Sandra Todorovic

Saying Goodbye A story about the worst hardships of life Life is like a storm at sea – powerful and unexpected as it hits you with the full force of a tidal wave. You swim for your life and take a deep breat...
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Merci for the heart ma copain!!!
What did you think???
Have a favourite part or character???
Have any criticism??? It's always good to get negative and positive feed back. XP
Thank you again!! Means a lot


Lol,I look forward to reading the next chapter and all three books. Your a really good writer.


Thanks, that means a lot.


No problem (:

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Ello! :]

Sooo, I just thought I'd drop by and let you know that I've updated "Less than Perfect"! I'm terribly sorry about the long wait! I had uploading issues for the longest time, and I've been busy. Still, I apologize. I never meant for it to take so long. :\

Hope you enjoy the rest of the story, though! And thank you so much for your lovely support! I can't say that enough. :]


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