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Friday Fiction: Mulberry Lane by Colby Van Wagoner (February 2011)

Kim Cantrell
– September 9, 2011

Bringing History to Life
Review by Kim Cantrell,

It may be nerdish, but I love history; especially historical true crime. And while fiction isn’t my first choice, if I’m going to read it then one that’s based on a historical crime is my first choice.

That’s exactly what author Colby Van Wagoner has... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

I'm 37 years old, and I live in Utah. I am currently attending Ashford University. I play acoustic guitar, and enjoy writing and singing my own music. My book Crow Mountain has been edited and published for print! Get it now in print! You want a scary book get it in PRINT! Cause now there are only 5 chapters here! It's also on Amazon for kindle, and IPAD! GET IT!!! It's here in print: ... mehr anzeigen

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