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Thank you to everyone who has liked my books - my running total stands at 118 as of 6:43pm on the 30th March. I'm very grateful for it and I'm glad you're enjoying my work. c:

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You're welcome! ~

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I have a quick message about The Pureblood Saga and also ForestClan:

The Pureblood Saga will have four books, which means there will be two more books after This Is My Kingdom Come. The third is currently called The Destruction Of Four and the fourth is currently called Dance Of The Fireflies. If things go to plan, I'll release a sequel series featuring a nearly entirely new batch of protagonists. My sister and I are also... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

I have four updates on four different book serieses (is that a word? XD)

1. My ForestClan series is currently going under major editing work to correct the spelling and grammar mistakes, but I'm hoping to get back to writing A Moonlit Path so I can actually plan the rest of the series. Stay around for updates!

2. Regarding We're All Stories In The End, this book WILL be getting a sequel. It's currently Book 1 in a new series... mehr anzeigen

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