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If you get a chance check out my work and feel free to join my new group called Urban Fiction thanks.

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Lost Love
chapters 12,13 and 14 up now ready for everyone to read.
(plus love the background)

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Hallo (;

Ich mag Werbung selber nicht, also entschuldige ich mich im vorraus :D Aber manchmal muss Werbung sein. (: Mein Buch "Sohn der Nacht" braucht unbedingt noch einige Leser und ich würde mich freuen, wenn du es lesen würdest.

LG Anki

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Thank you times a million for telling me about all those anime cartoons! I'll be occupied for life :D Okay, I'll start promoting you right away, thanks for allowing me too and again, thanks for the anime suggestions (:



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Hello! (: I realized that you have a liking for anime cartoons...I do too :D But It's incredibly hard to find any decent ones, so if you could suggest some to me I would be eternally grateful.

Totes, Sheva.

P.S: Born to Die is REALLY good, mind if I promote you a bit?

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Sorry but I can't if it has violence or swearing. If it doesn't I will.


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Nina Kari

No problem I really liked the short. It has a good plot line so far. Keep writing :)

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