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Wichtiger Beitrag

I loved all your books!!! Thank you for all your labors of love to complete the full storyline...Smiles

Wichtiger Beitrag

Hi! your profile isnt complete without the Andy Dance to protect you from negativity and drama *Andy Dances on your profile*

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Gelöschter User

Lmao, I remember that. XD

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Gelöschter User

Thank you for accepting my fr. And I loveeeee your book. You are really good please let me know if you plan on writing a new book. :)

Wichtiger Beitrag

EAD ON OR DIE TONIGHT AT 10:35 P.M 9 years ago a person named Jerry got dared to sleep in a house that was believed haunted. The next day his friends waited for him outside the house...... They had to go inside and search for him. They went through every room exept the attic. He wasn't supposed to sleep there. He was supposed to sleep in the living room they went to the attic
. They saw Jerry's corpse and they just left... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

Book three brought tears to my literally...

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