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fuck it's been… a long time since I've been on here
in case anyone was interested I actually have an Archiveofourown (AO3) account - Retifer - & I've been doing fanfics lately to get back into writing & find a style. might post Phantom on here idk? ive been writing way too much of that n I might write about it here idk.

Wichtiger Beitrag

OMFG I am re-reading an old story I wrote because I am re-writing it, and I wrote it like, four years ago so I need to remind myself of where I was going with this.
Well, I was writing it on a website called WolfQuest, and at the time I had been at my dad's house, and I needed a computer to write on, and since I could just write it like here on Bookrix, where ever as long as I have the internet and a computer, I asked my... mehr anzeigen

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