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Tarak Ghosh

Suppose you prefer supernatural writings.

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Thanks, Tarak. Actually I am an ecclectic writer, publishing poetry, fiction and nonfiction, in many different collections with a variety of themes, for children, general audiences, and young adults . I also have 3 blogs, including romantic poetry at written4destiny. Many of the... mehr anzeigen

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Gelöschter User

Schöne Seite. Interessante Angebote und Möglichkeiten.

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Thank you for the compliment ~ I translated your comment as "Beautiful page. Interesting offers and opportunities," and hope you still think this page is beautiful. BookRix looks so different now! C

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Hi please could you read my book- born to die? If you do like it, i would appreciate it if you would vote it for the competition too :) thank you so much,
Chloe x

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I notice you have an interest in childrens books. Would appreciate it if you could take a look at my Joshua's Visitor- Especially interested in the interest you believe ages 9-12 would have in it. thanks.


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Although our pathway for now.,
May be dimly lit.,

In time with faith.,
Suddenly the vast portal will open,
Hence what one does now...
Will be forever echoed throughout all of eternity !

Mario William Vitale

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Welcome to the community - have fun!

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