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ello darlin!

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GAH! I don't know if you have already read the rest of Bewitched of the forsaken....but something weird happened and part of a chapter was not saved so it was all messed up. I'm sorry for that. I fixed chapters 16-18 so everthing should be ok.

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Hi! You told me to keep you updated on my book THe Bewitched of the Forsaken...well...its done :)

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I miss you boo, I'ma call you from my homephone sometime, message me your number again. Love you!!! < xxx3

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Alright. Keep your friends to there selves and I will keep my friends to there selves. I aint the one who started crap. Myah did if you dont believe me goooo to the very first message. She hack my friends account and disinvited me to a party which i knew it wont true cause as soon as I saw the message on my wall I imdeiatly called my friend. myah is SOOOO 2 faced. To be honest I dont know how the heck anyone is friends with... mehr anzeigen

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