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billythekid ist offline.


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Wichtiger Beitrag

milk yum! lol i love milk and your an anime lover too. i do believe we could be good friends :)

Wichtiger Beitrag

Its all right. i just have to learn that the people I thought were my friends can easily turn against me and stab me in the back. ineed to be careful. Enjoy your time on this site.


Wichtiger Beitrag

No problem. As long as I dont see any harm in being friends with you, we will remain so. I am a bit hesitant... but that is because of issues I have been having with several of my newer friends for the past few days. It is better now though. Please be sure to get around the community and make yourself known. You will get many friends and reads that way.

Best wishes,


Wichtiger Beitrag

It's kinda weird, thought when you think about it...who was the first person to think of getting milk from a cow? Was the dude just like, "Huh, let's see what happens when I yank on it!" Lol, but seriously!

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