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Alàn Morgan
Alàn Morgan
Alàn Morgan ist offline.
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L. Avery Brown

Sorry but your read/review request needs to be deleted from the 'Advice from the Experts' thread in Serious Writers. All read requests must go through the 'Promotions & Advertisements' thread.

Avery, Serious Writer Moderator

Alàn Morgan

Thanks for sparing time discussing this with me, please do u have a suggestion on how i can get audience for my book?

L. Avery Brown

One of the best ways is to utilize Social Media. Create a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter Account for the book, a Reddit page... so forth and so on.

And once you've done that - be diligent in using them to the best of your abilities.

An option to consider is finding people who... mehr anzeigen

Alàn Morgan

Thanks for the advice, i really gained a lot.

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