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hi My name is.Monica ,
nice to meet you please

contact me here i have something to Share

with you or you can give me your
mail to contact you please

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Dear Bookrix Friends,

Sorry for being absent without leave.

For the last few months, just now and for the next few months I'm too busy because of other activities to either write new stories or read what you have written.

Here's wishing you well and hopefully I'll be back again before too long.


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Dear Betty,
Thanks very much for introducing me to this site, so I can read more of your stories and Stanis' poems! Thanks a lot too for the 2 lovely gifts of words of wisdom--just saw it today--still trying my way around here!
All the best, and look forward to reading lots more of your work!

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Dear Friends,
thank you for writing these kind and encouraging messages!
Wishing you all a pleasant and successful day.

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Dear Betty,

Thanks for the add. I look forward to reading your stories. I am just starting out as a teacher and writer (at least letting other people read my writing). This site is a very interesting find.

Best of Luck,
Miss A

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Welcome to the community - have fun!

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