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♥ davebccanada ♥

Barnsey, have you ever done anything towards a sequel to 'The Slayarians'? I been waiting and hoping. Give us a shout.

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Sorry, been through crazy things in past few years and have neglected fixing up we, the children of gaea. I need to fix it up as the new templates dismantled it, I will put it up for free

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Mein Name ist adija, und ich wirklich wissen, dass Sie werden sehr überrascht mit meiner Massage,

Aber bitte schreiben Sie mir auf meine E-Mail, weil ich wirklich brauchen, wissen Sie mehr, und ich brauche Eure Hilfe,
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Hallo bitte senden Sie mir Ihre E-Mail oder schreiben Sie mir jetzt,

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I have an idea. I would say I have a dream but that's too iconic.
What if 3 Authors, for example a Horror author, a fantasy author and a historical author, joined forces and linked their self promotions together in order to widen their advertising. They are each writing in a different genre and would not be in direct competition. It would just mean that they would be piggy backing upon the others in perfect synchronicity. For... mehr anzeigen

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You can also read my works on Hubpages as barnsey. There you will find articles providing D20 game material, 40k army lists, man poetry gallore, and various rants and opinions on social matters. Come in and vote me up or down, leave a comment giving your opinion or just enjoy a good read. For stories check out Horse Tale, I think you will really like it.

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