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Nina Morgan

Please don't comment on this. It's just some poems I want to share. If anyone feels like this please speak to me. I might be someone you don't know. Never even spoke to. But I care. I'll always be there for anyone. Just send me a PM about your problems with my name in the subject and the moment I come online I'll reply. Promise. It might seem weird. But telling someone is good.

Nina Morgan

Depression is like a storm
It starts slow
Eating away at you slowly
Then it becomes stronger
And causes damage
Then it stops
And you think your fine
That it’s getting better
Like it’s safe to go outside now
And enjoy the finer things in life
Kind of like the eye in the storm
Then out of... mehr anzeigen

Nina Morgan

Welcome to society
We hope you enjoy your stay
Please feel free to be yourself
As long as it's in the right way
Make sure you love your body
Not too much or we'll tear it down
We'll bully you for smiling
And then wonder why you frown
We'll tell you that your worthless
That you... mehr anzeigen

Nina Morgan

Fake smiles
Dried Eyes
Scratched wrists
Bruised Thighs

White pills
Rope tied
Gun loaded


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