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I am, book by book, transferring all those I have an ebook version of to BookRix and will be adding new ebooks when I have done that.

As it says on my profile, the majority of my work has emotional and psychological elements, (in varying degrees) woven into the story, this sets my work aside from the standard genre reads.

Try one of my Electric Eclectic Novelettes, these short books are designed as introductory reads to the... mehr anzeigen

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Once more I have been away from here for too long. Only I get so involved in mriting and 'stuff' I neglect this and other sites!
I shall attempt to be more active here from now on.
In the meantime feel free to take a look at my website, see my WiP etc.

I am to publish my next book on February 11th 2017. It is 'Life in the War Zone' and is about life and living in areas of conflict... mehr anzeigen

Paul White hompage Home of Paul White, writer, author & publisher
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Well Paul, nice to see you back here.
As you well know this is a community of readers and writers, new and established, young and old.
If you have anything you want us to read...please post here. If you need to read anything...there's tons of great books here too. And don't forget, we all live for nice comments.

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Well now, ‘tempus fugit’ as they say!
I cannot believe just how long it has been since I last posted here, on Book Rix.
Since my last entry about twelve months ago I have published at least three more books, launched a book promotion site called ‘Sneak Peek’, am compiling the third edition of CQ Magazine (Creative Quarterly), have two more books, one with an agent, the other ‘seeking representation’!
I have also submitted work... mehr anzeigen

Paul White Writer & Author Paul White's website
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My latest Novel 'The Abduction of Rupert DeVille' is now available via CreateSpace, Amazon & bookstores.
Paperback and e-book / kindle formats.

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Hi guy's, just published my new book, RED SATIN.
It will not be to everyone's taste as it is a collection of explicit erotic stories. But those of you who enjoy life and possibly pushing the boundaries of accepted convention will love reading this.

RED SATIN is a collection of several short explicit erotic stories written by Paul White.

RED SATIN tells of unexpected and often random sexual encounters between strangers and... mehr anzeigen

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RED SATIN is available on Amazon, Paperback or E-book / Kindle

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