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hello again araikin! im back been off for a while had a bunch of things going on plus surgery and the doctor. having so many medical problems isnt fun but its me and my life so i've got to deal with it. how are you?

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im great been reading alot latley tho lol as always my grandmotha doesnt like that i keep my nose stuck in a book all the time

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I think your book is great.You really put your heart into it,and I would like to see more of your writing.

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Gelöschter User

Welcome to Bookrix Mikey!

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Hi Arkain,

Welcome to the site! You might want to check out the BookRix Poets Society or the Dead Poets Society since you write poetry. Members in that group can help with feedback and reading your work. Besides, they're a fun bunch to get to know!

Hope that helps,
The Librarian

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