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Wichtiger Beitrag

hey, which 1 of ur books goes 1st, cuz 1 says Zombie 1 n the other just says Zombie? :/ im not tht smart! my brain cnt focus on so many things at a time! LoL let me no whic 1 goes 1st :)

Wichtiger Beitrag

Im glad u liked my book, n thanks 4 the comement n if yu liked that then youl love WTF! plese read and tell me waht yu think!

Wichtiger Beitrag

I am currently writing two books, one books is the one im doing my self called- Territory: Zombie
and the other book is the one im working on with my friend Gab Hoper, and our book is called Broken Bonds
Well will hope do get the books done soon so please wait for it to come out
Thank You
Siaya Noi

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