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Merci for the heart mon ami
what dd you think???
Did you have a fav part???
do you have any critisim, good or bad, its always healthy to hear negatives about your work along with praise LoL
thanks again

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AHHHHHHH!!!! I L< xxx3VE your HaIr! oooooo, btw, there's more in that book Do Or Die that i wrote nowwwww....:P well......... i guess ttyl! and you should write something on my pinboard too(: we should be BuDdIeZ!(: okie, well ttylxox!

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thanks for the heart

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Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.
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Gelöschter User

I love I'm Not A Vampire! XD but i also love The Drug In Me Is You, Caught Like A Fly, Pick Up The Phone, and Good Girls Bad Guys <3

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Gelöschter User

They really do :) what's ur fav song by them?

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Gelöschter User


I would like to give you a look at my first eBook that has done the step from a german book, to the english version. It´s now available on

The title is "The Curse - Touch of eternity"

I would be happy, if you would have a look on the reading sample with the look inside.

A centuries old... mehr anzeigen

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Eli the Great

your music choice is pretty sweet. I think your personality is cute and am sorry but green is so not my color. If we ever meet one day well.........bunnies are cool. Word. Broskiskiddlybob

Torch Out!

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Thanks for my heart on "Love to a Jerk". I wanted to let you know that both of my books "Unexpected" and "Love to a Jerk" has been updated. I hope you enjoy it.

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