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hey, i was wonderin if ud read my book Semi Shifters, from ur fav pile i think ud like it, comment on it good or bad, n heart if ya like it. thank you in advance, also i love ur profile pic!

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aah I'm sorry! I printed your story the last time i was online here and didn't even realised that you've finished it already during the time i wasn't online!^^"
I just read the end as well now. it was quite...surprising i guess. I didn't thought it would end that soon but it's a good end! I was confused when reading chapter 16 and first thought you would keep the reader guessing but then chapter 18 cleared everything.:)... mehr anzeigen

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Hey Ama!:)

haha, in my opinion you don't sound formal when you use google translate, it just doesn't make any sense at all.^^
If english is your mothertongue then you actually don't really have to be fluent in another language I think!:) it's most important to be able to speak and understand english nowadays in this world I guess. Besides, you're just about 15 aren't you? you have plenty of time to learn a language you like!... mehr anzeigen

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ah, and thank you very much for the kind comment to 'VERTIGO'!:)
I'm glad you liked it so much. Even the colours...I find them a bit too bright to be honest and I think especially for your fairy story I'd rather use softer pastel colours.
anyway, I'm off to read it now first of all.:)

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Hello Ama!:)
I've no problem with writing and understanding english so don't bother yourself with translating using the google translate. (it doesn't make sense at all what this thing translates!haha ;D)
I'm just gonna read your Pixie Dust before I decide wether I'd like to draw it okay? I'll let you know as soon as possible.
For what reason would you like to have it drawn btw? is it just for you personal?

kind regards, Anja

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1) Blondes are sexaaay. (Yes with an aaa)


3) You make my bewbs comfyy! :D

4) Twins... Omg no wai O.O

5) Stop stealin my food hoe. <3

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