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Thanks for giving my short story a heart! It was my first try and i'm glad it wasn't a complete fail.

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Backwood writer

I pray that your birthday be bless, and that you have many more to celebrate. happy birthday your hill Billy friend stanley

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thank you for giving my book a heart and also for giving a comment to Book I- Unleashed.

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Backwood writer

thanks so much for your kind comment on my story, I am and old kentucky farm boy, who spend the better part of my life in the tobacco fields of kentucky, my dad was a share cropper that raised nineof us kids on a 26 acre hillside farm, i know what hard work is , i learned a lot from my father who passed away at just 60 years old in 1984, i am two year older than he was when he died, I have had a hard life, but have enjoyed... mehr anzeigen

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