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Hey Everyone :) I had to make a new account so add me on this one! I'm slowly but surely getting my books on this account and adding to them as I go :)

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I would like 2 no if your gonig 2 update you book " Will i ever get out alive" i would really like 2 no what happens next . By the way i love yo book.And if u can please let me no if you update it? thx

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Hey there!
Although she’ll probably kill me for this, I have a friend whose book I think deserves to be more widely read.
She’s participating in the Flash Fiction contest, and I know for sure she would love it if you could check out her book, Shot in the Dark.
Here is the link.
I really would appreciate it if you could take a few moment of your life to check it out.

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Hi please could you read my book- born to die? If you do like it, i would appreciate it if you would vote it for the competition too :) thank you so much (btw love your background :D )

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