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Hey guys. it's been a long time but i'm here now. I have posted chapter 16 on Kira thorne and there will be three more coming really soon. i'm writing them now. thank you all that has emailed me about your love for kira thorne, your kindness simply AMAZES ME! and the one of the few reasons why i continued to write. Also thank you to everyone who liked and comment, i just wanted to say that i appreciate you guys loads. if you... mehr anzeigen

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Yokuro Kimino (君野ヨクロ)

Hello it has been a long time, i hope things are okay with you. Please write back soon.

Wichtiger Beitrag

so jetzt mach ich auch mal Werbung. Nein Spaß.
Also hier ist jetzt mal der link zu meinen Charakteren für die neue Geschichte.

Und hier der für die Geschichte.

Die 16 Jährige Sascha ist seit sie denken kann in den besten Freund ihres Bruders Jason verliebt. Als dann ihre Stiefmutter mal wieder... mehr anzeigen

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Yokuro Kimino (君野ヨクロ)

since I have been through so many bad relationships, every time when I somehow end up in another relationship, I always have a habit of staying on my toes. It?s like traveling from one place to another. Knowing that my court date is due and the police are looking for me. Meanwhile, I am hiding in a house and every time I hear something I always jump up in everything I hear. For me this is an example of how I feel when I am in... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag
Yokuro Kimino (君野ヨクロ)

It's okay, I look forward to hearing from you again. I can tell, that you're new on here. I was once new here, but soon you will get used to it. There're not many people to talk to on here anyway though.

Clearly, if you need help with anything, I am always here to get you started. Welcome to and I hope you find your stay here, enjoyable.

If you like to get you on the right track of writing again, you can view some... mehr anzeigen

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