William S. Taylor
William S. Taylor
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Hello My Dear,

How are you today? Let me briefly introduce myself to you, My name is
Sheikha Ghunaim , to the glory of God Am working with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Dubai UAE
sorry for bordering you, i have a confidenial issue i want to discus with you, please contact me here; (sheikhaghunaim1@hotmail.com)

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William S. Taylor

I first attempted to upload a fantasy comedy for free at 2,621 wordsbut, try as I may I could not upload it from my desktop nor the original folder; so I upl oaded a murder mystery instead. 21,000+
I am an editor, a ghost writer, and publisher. These books were written by my daughter who has no time to publish here on BookRix, as she has two infant daughters to look after and her own business to run (Accountant.).

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I'm currently read a book on time travel by Bruce Macfarlane called Out of time. It is or was free on Amazon. The second one is also free.

William S. Taylor

Hello, Lazarus.
I had a stroke at Christmas 2016, have been asleep since then.My daughter told me all about you; you don't like first person present tense...good, neither do I .Time travel is my favourite subject, I'll look Bruce's story up on zon'
Thank you.

William S. Taylor

P.S. Are you chewing a fingernail?

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