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a matchless poets you are dear. I am fan of your humantarian thoughts and dreams for.. some one from russia

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I find it a little strange that Thylane Loubry is only 9 years old, but you treat her as if she is an adult?? Does her maman, Veronika Loubry, give you permission to post photos of her 9 year old daughter on the internet?

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A quite accomplished author !I like your profile, your books as well as your noble mission to spead PEACE among all the children of Adam...

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I have added your english books as my favorite, what's other books, or they have written in persian or afghani, never heard about pashto that you mentioned

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Mr. Afzal,
I read marieta's lyrical poetry book,
I enjoyed
your taste is as rich as your poetry,
appreciate u
Kathy your's fan

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