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rainbow dashes husband
rainbow dashes husband
rainbow dashes husband ist offline.


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I LOVE RAINBOW DASH!!! Want to be freinds?

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rainbow dashes husband

YES if you have read my books you would know that i married her and have a happy life with her

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rainbow dashes husband

OK here's the update on equestria so prepare yourselves this is going to be long

1. i broke up with vinyl in a violent divorce
2. i tried to get together with Octavia i thought that would work it didn't
3. i tried to get with daring do and again that didn't work as i remembered she works alone
4. i tried to get with Lyra but after an.....ahem.....unfortunate event in the castle i thought we should see other people
5.i was going to... mehr anzeigen

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rainbow dashes husband

well this is it i have been destroyed yet again vinyl divorced me again so i must change my name in the process i kinda got really pissed and destroyed a bunch of her stuff went back to the barn,the power went to my head,and i turned into a raging monster and destroyed half of whole plan was to tell vinyl that i am not ready to have foals yet and then she went and said that she thought i thought she was... mehr anzeigen

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rainbow dashes husband

hey guys this is vinyl scratch on my husbands profile if anyone wants to talk talk to joe and he will hook you up and i am kinda surprised at how many freinds my man made

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