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Hello to anyone who cares:
I will be taking down Sun's diamond as I have gotten writer's block with it.

HOWERVER: I will be putting up a new book in a few months (I know that seems ages but I've only got 5/6 chapters and I wish to have at least 10 before I post).

Side note: is anyone here on Wattpad? I am and the first chapter of the new book is there if you want to see it. My account name is: LilyMay1510

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KiKi XoXo

So glad you've been following my series so closely. I have to be honest with you though. I've been thinking about canceling it. Restarting and fixing it. The first couple books in The Pack Saga are very poorly written and It's not my best work. I haven't decided anything yet, but I thought I would tell you. See what you think about it.

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You can do what ever you want, it's YOUR book. But, to be honest, I've become so absorbed in how it is now that I would prefer it to stay as it is. But it is entirely your choice, I will just re-read the books if you do change them - I honestly would not mind to do this.


Hey how are you?

KiKi XoXo

I am doing fine. I've been working on republishing I Spy with My Little Heart and it's almost done! Then I'm going to get back to The Pack Saga!

Duron Crejaro

You don't have to cancel it, if you have issues with the first couple in the series, complete rewrites are unnecessary. Just go back and do a full edit on them. Most writers end up editing 3-4x before a book gets to the point where its publishable.

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